Water Supply Pump for Shrimp Farm in Changwat Songkhla

◎ Models Installed: L Series Large Volume Submersible Pump

◎ Description:

Changwat Songkhla is the southern province with a key harbor of Thailand and the gate to Singapore and Malaysia. It’s capital, Hat Yai city, is the hub of fast-growing commerce, transportation and economy. Currently it is approximate annual capacity of 500,000 tons of prawn and shrimp products in Thailand, also around 80,000 hectares in shrimp farming. Changwat Songkhla is one of the top 5 major shrimp farming areas in Thailand.

This project required pumping seawater up to 4 meters high and conveying it by natural flow to the shrimp farm that is 300 meters away. The original design was using four units of 22 inches 50HP axial-flow pumps of other brand. However, owing to the water treatment procedure changing, and lower water demanding, HCP L large volume pumps were chosen to replace the original pumps after on-site evaluation. Simply two units of L-300A, 15HP with 12 inches can meet the requirement of inlet flow and energy cost saving.


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