LA Series - Submersible Axial flow Pumps

  • LA Series - Submersible Axial flow Pumps

●  High efficiency motor connects directly to the impeller for the best energy savings.

●  Strong material and construction, double mechanical seal, epoxy resin cable entry, IP68 waterproof.

●  Shaft and impeller has been precisely balanced for a quiet and long life performance.

●  Standard protection is miniature thermal protector and mechanical seal leakage detector. Optional protection devices available.

●  The 3D computerized impeller and vanes conductive design, creates a higher pump efficiency.

●  Sacrificial Anode : Sacrificial Anodes are highly active metals that are used to prevent a less active material surface from corroding. Sacrificial Anode reduces the rusting corrosion in sea water and increase the lifetime of the pump.

Item Description
of Use
Liquid Temp. 0~40°C (32~104°F)
Applications Wastewater • Industry drainage •
Agriculture irrigation • Aquaculture water
Type Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Motor 50Hz/8P (750rpm : 50~60HP) •
50Hz/10P (600rpm : 75~100HP) •
60Hz/10P (720rpm : 50~60HP) •
60Hz/12P (600rpm : 75~100HP) •
Dry Motor
Insulation Clase H
Protection IP68
Protector MTS • MS
Bearing Ball Type
M.seal Double M.seals
Impeller Axial
Material Upper Cover FC200
Motor Frame FC200
Shaft End SUS420J2
M.seal SiC/SiC & SiC/SiC
Casing FC200
Impeller SCS13
Cable VCT or PNCT or H07RN-F
Wearing ring SCS13(50~60HP) • ALBC3(75~100HP)
Base stand /
Outer cover
SS400 (Stand type)
Optional Discharge and flange can be made to
custom specification.


●  Water supply or drainage for industrial.

●  Water supply for cooling in the power plant.

●  Used for large volume dewatering.

●  Large scale aquaculture farming.

●  Flooding Control.

●  Others : Extraction of water from dock and river.

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