Water Supply Equipment Upgrade Plan In National Landmark Garden, Neipyito, Burma

◎ Models Installed:L series Large volume Submersible Pump

◎ Description:

NayPyiTaw is the modern capital of Myanmar (Burma), north of former capital, Yangon. Traditional tiered roofs crown the buildings of its Parliament (Hluttaw) complex. Exhibits at the National Museum include Burmese art and ancient artifacts. NayPyiTaw is well catered for with public gardens; the Jade Garden, the Water Fountain Garden, Zoological Gardens, Safari Wildlife Park, National Herbal Garden and the National Landmark Garden are all to be found in and around the capital. The National Landmark Garden features mini versions of the country’s famous sights. This includes a model of NayPyiTaw so for anyone interested in the development and architecture of the city a must to visit. The water slide ride locates in National Landmark Garden and it is a famous spot and more and more visitors interest to visit place.
The project was replacement with new HCP L-300B x 5 units pumps for Water Circulation System in the Water Slide Ride to meet required large flow as existing damage old pumps. After replacing HCP pumps, all tests passed. Now the system resume to operation. Our clients satisfied with our replacement in a very short time.




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