The government project of sedimentation and retention pond restoration in Mingde Village, Sinyi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan.

◎ Models Installed: AF Series - Submersible Sewage / Wastewater Pumps

                                     HDG Series - Submersible Slurry Dewatering Pumps

◎ Description:

Mingde Village, Sinyi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan is a low-lying area, therefore there' s not enough time to drain off stormwater during the heavy rain and caused flooding frequently. The purpose of sedimentation pond is intercepted and deposited the sediment to reduce the chance of debris flow. In this case HCP installed the AF Series pumps in the bottom of the retention pond to drain the sewage water, and installed the HDG Series pumps in sedimentation pond to slurry and drain the water sediments. The flooding problem will be solved afterthis project completed.

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