Sun Moon Lake Waste Water Treatment Plant

◎ Models Installed:AF Series - Submersible Sewage / Wastewater Pumps

                                    F/FN Series - Submersible Sewage / Effluent Pumps

◎ Description:

“Sun Moon Lake”, situated in the middle of Taiwan, is the largest freshwater lake in the Taiwan main island, with reputation of its natural heritage of sceneries and several tourist destinations. However, the water pollution of Sun Moon Lake has become a serious issue because of development of tourist industry in the county where the Lake is located. Two commercial marketplaces adhere to Sun Moon Lake were established where hundreds of restaurants and shops were built as well as dozens of exclusive hotels and accommodations.
The enormous amounts of tourists came along with garbage and waste water which in the very beginning were transported directly into the Lake without any treatment. Sometime later, a waste water treatment plant and a underground drainage system were built for transporting and purifying the waste water before it was eventually injected to the Lake. However, the treatment plant and drainage system were seriously damaged after a large scale major earthquake in the area and the plant and system as a result only perform parts of its function and are not able to satisfy the needs of waste water treatment of the region. Therefore, it is urged that the drainage system has to be re-built and the treatment plant has to be re-covered to be able to perform its water treatment of full-load.
The construction of new drainage system and waste water treatment plant were started by year 2005 under the support of the Authority, Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration of Taiwan Tourism Bureau. After the launch of new drainage system, the facility shall collect the waste water which is generated by restaurants, hotels and households. The waste water shall flow through the underground pipe lines and eventually to the pumping station where HCP submersible pump are installed to pump the fluid to treatment tanks of waste water treatment system.
The new drainage system and waste water treatment plant were launched by the end of year 2009.

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