Submersible Ejector Pump in canal, Promisedland Resort & Lagoon, Hualien County, Taiwan

◎ Models Installed:J Series - Submersible Ejector Pumps

◎ Description:

Promisedland Resort & Lagoon, located on Hualien County, Taiwan, features its 2.2 kilo-meter artificial canal, Spanish style architecture, large scale landscape and nature envi-ronment. Promisedland is the only one resort in Taiwan, which is included in the selection of《100 Hotels + Resorts》, and it was described as a good place to stimulate your spirit.
Every room in Promisedland has its own balcony and offers view of lagoon and moun-tains. It is the intention of the business owner who expect to provide its valuable custom-ers with best experience of pure natural environment.
HCP Submersible Ejector Pumps were included in this project and installed in the canal. The pumps were selected because of low noise during operation. The operation noise is reduced as the pumps are is submerged in water. The pump also are good in providing strong water current mixed with fine air bubble which generate water circulation and oxy-gen for creatures living in the canal.

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