Steel Refining Plant – Cooling Water Circulation System


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The steel refining plant is an industry that consumes a large amount of water. The lining of a blast furnace is subject to extremely high temperatures. In order to protect the lining and prolong the service span, a cooling system is indispensable. In most cases, the cooling function is provided by the on-site water circulation equipment, where the cooling water passes through an enclosed air-cooled cooling tower or enclosed evaporator for refrigeration, and is then pressurized by a boosting pump for delivery into the cooling device, constituting a circulation system.

It is not surprised that even mountainous state such as Switzerland also needs the measure of flood control because of a peak of precipitation in summer Switzerland. HCP Submersible Axial Pump LA-2875 (28" discharge / 75 HP) recently were included in a construction project of a Swiss factory. The two units LA-2875 shall facilitate the dewatering of an opening field of 5,000 m2 which surrounds the factory.

Other descriptions: Replacing an old pump with a new one of the same model complete with standard accessories and direct installation and testing.

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