Solar-powered pump system in Bangladesh

◎ Models Installed::IC series submersible dewatering pumps

◎ Description:

This case is located on a remote village in north of Rangpur Division, Bangladesh. This rural village is isolated and the supply of public water and electricity utilities are hardly ac-cessible. Rice and vegetable growing are the main economic activities and the sources of income for the domestic residents. Every January to April, the water resource become even more scarce during this dry season time period. Farmers struggle with irrigation and livelihood water becomes a major concern to villages.
For improving living condition of this area, a project of building and installing solar-powered pump systems in the aforesaid region has been developed and implemented. This project is supported by several worldwide non-profit organizations, charities and pri-vate foundations which provide financial assistance for free and in cooperated with extra bank loan and coordination from domestic government agency.
The System consists of a set of solar panel module, a control box and a submersible pump. The submersible pump has to accommodate the AC power supply (between 30Hz and 50Hz) which is converted from DC output of the solar panels by inverter. The sub-mersible pump is installed in a deep well and this pump has to be able to handle this sort of application and working condition.
The IC Series Submersible Dewatering Pumps produced by HCP Pump were selected by the contractor for this project because of its durability, reliability, large discharge capacity, low-energy consumption and capable to handle the specific requirement of this solar-powered system. Hundreds of IC pumps have been installed for this solar pump project in Rangpur Division. In addition, the said area is an alluvial plain and the water table level is between 3 ~ 8 meter depth which is suitable for IC pumping underground water. The local Authority is planning for more solar-powered irrigation system to other area of similar situ-ation as this project is recognized for its great success on helping local villagers and do-mestic economic.
It is our honor to work with our distributor in Bangladesh on this great project which inte-grates latest solar power system with submersible pump technology and improve living condition of local communities. Thanks to everyone who contributes to this project.

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