Canal Sea Lock Eductor Mixing System in Bornem, Belgium

◎ Models Installed:HD Series - Submersible Dewatering Pumps

◎ Description:

The construction of the sea lock in Wintam, Belgium started in 1979. It was part of the modernization program of the Sea Canal Brussels-Rupel. The new sluice was considerably larger than the older one. The old lock was able to handle vessels up to 4,000 tonnes, but the new sea lock improve capacity to 10,000 tonnes, which larger than doubled.
The project is to replace with new mixing eductor nozzles systems which work by pumping pressurized fluid through eductors and can prevent sludge from accumulating and blocking locks. For the specific application, 2 units of 150HD215 was installed. As a nozzle deliver a flow rate of 7m³ per hour at a pressure of 3 bar (3kg/cm2). One-unit of 150HD215 connected 12 eductors generate an effective flow of 420m3 per hour and spray range up to 9M.

150HD215 - submersible dewatering pump has won 29th Taiwan Excellence Award!

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