Taijiang National Park Administration and Visitors Center Drainage System Improvement


◎ Description:

Taijiang National Park was officially established on December 28th of 2009, the 8th national park in Taiwan. They built a diamond grade green building, “Taijiang National Park Administration and Visitors Center” which located in the Sicao fishing rod area between the north side of the Sicao Avenues in Anping District, Tainan City, and the Yanshui River. In order to satisfy the demands of management, recreation, and conservational research, Taijiang National Park provides an innovative, complete and convenient environment to tourists.
The originally designed drainage system at Taijiang National Park Administration and Visitors Center could not be loaded and resulting in flooding. Currently, A new small pumping station was set up for bidding and install 2 units of HCP AF Series sewage wastewater pump, AF-1440 40HP for the drainage system to prevent flooding effectively regarding increasing rainstorms year by year.


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