Pump Replacement Project in Port Klang, Malaysia.


◎ Description:

Port Klang is the largest port in Malaysia. It is located on the west coast of the Malaysia peninsu-la, about 6 kilometers southwest of Klang city, and about 38 kilometers southwest of the capital, Kuala Lumpur. It is the outport of Kuala Lumpur. All daily commodities and industry raw materi-als in the city are imported and exported through Port Klang.
This project was implemented in a ship repair yard near Port Klang, Malaysia. The shipyard oper-ator have to pump the seawater out from the dock before repair work can be carried out at the bottom of the ship. Upon completion, a waterproof gate would be opened to refill the water back to the dock. As there are many ships waiting to come in for repair in the shipyard, the speed of the repair work is a prime concern.
The original pumps used in this shipyard were from other brands. However, the operator found that the existing pumping capacity was insufficient and that the water removal took too long. Therefore, they replaced it with 4 units of HCP Pump model AF-1660, a 45kW AF large-volume submersible pump series. The pumps only took about half the time needed to remove the water.
As the pumping medium is seawater, which is highly corrosive, the cast iron pumps were each fitted with ten Aluminum Anode, a sacrificial agent which will prolong the lifespan of the pumps significantly.




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