Electromechanical Devices and Pumps Upgrade in Chi-shien Interception Station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

◎ Models Installed:LA Series - Submersible Axial flow Pumps

                                    AF Series - Submersible Sewage / Wastewater Pumps

◎ Description:

Yan-cheng District is recognized as the beginning of the establishment of Kaohsiung City, surrounding Shoushan, Love River, and Port of Kaohsiung. The district is rich in cultural assets and historical buildings. Besides, nearby The Pier-2 Art Center with surrounding light rail transit system, also a well-known landmark「Kaohsiung Music Center」 is integrated into the surrounding harbor scenery. New hot spot 「Dagang Bridge」is the longest pedestrian swing bridge in Asia, and it now has become one of the must-visit destinations for tourists in Kaohsiung.

Due to low-lying terrain, Yan-cheng District always faces flooding problems when it comes to downpours or heavy rainfall. Accordingly, the district requires a stable pumping system for flood control. However, owing to Chi-shien Interception station pumps and facilities were dated, the Water Resources Bureau of Kaohsiung City successfully ask for funding up to NTD 27 million to upgrade pumps and improve equipment.

The project applies with HCP 2 units of LA-28100 (Submersible Axial Flow Pumps) and 2 units of AF-1650 (Submersible Wastewater Pumps). As long as excessive rainfall comes, these pumps can be started up and pumping water out to lower the box culvert level. It was proved productive that
Chi-shien Interception Station improves the flooding control when heavy rain came on June 6th.

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