The Emergency Groundwater Pumping Project at Construction Sites, Taichung, Taiwan

◎ Models Installed:AF Series - Submersible Sewage / Wastewater Pumps

◎ Description:

In 2021, Taichung has experienced the worst drought in half a century that led to water rationing across the city. The drought has seriously affected operations of major technology companies. To tackle this problem, the Taichung City Government implemented “Taichung Drought Relief Program 2.0 “.
The geological features of Taichung Metropolitan Area are mainly large particle sized cobble as well as gravel. The soil characterizes itself with good water permeability. The groundwaters in that area are fairly clean. Most construction sites require dewatering. Groundwaters are one of the biggest obstacles for construction companies. The water must be removed from the site to keep working schedule and to provide a safe workplace. In respect to Taiwan facing its most severe water crisis in history, the groundwater at construction sites has become a unique and precious water source for Taichung.
Three 100(150)AFE415 units, two 100(150)AFE422 units, two 150(200)AFE430 units and one AF-820 unit has been used for groundwater pumping across three different construction sites in Taichung: “CMP Midtown”, “Only One Only You” and “Hui-Tian Shang Shufang”. After the Water Resources Department together with Taichung City Government installed mobile water purification equipment and connected it to Taiwan Water Corporation filtration system, these three construction sites can supply up to 71,700 m3 of water per day. This groundwater was provided to the residents of Taichung and helped securing businesses in the area.

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