Wan Nien River – Riverbank and Park Reconstruction Project, Pingtung, Taiwan.

◎ Models Installed::IC series submersible dewatering pumps (Dry-pit installation)

◎ Description:

Wan Nien River is an important area of Pingtung City. Once polluted and with poor infrastructure, now thanks to the ‘Wan Nien River remediation plan’ it is attracting many residents and tourists. The overall ‘Wan Nien River remediation plan’ started in 2009 and was divided into several stages. Wan Nien riverbank and park reconstruction is the most recent stage of the project. Pingtung County government has invested NTD 200 million for this stage. It included full reconstruction of Fusing and Wan Nien Park to create family-friendly space, bringing people closer to the water and the nature. Besides its recreational function, Wan Nien and Fusing Park can serve as the flood detention basins during the rain season.
Since 2014, HCP pumps are part of the ‘Wan Nien River remediation plan’. This stage of the project used IC Series Submersible Dewatering Pumps in dry pit installation. The total of six IC-43B pumps were used for the construction, to pump the water from the foundations of the Fusing Park’s basin.
After the reconstruction, Fusing Park is the area of approximately 6.8 hectares, with newly constructed 1.7 hectares basin. Besides having flood detention and water treatment functions, it also helps with preserving local nature, and provides place for leisure and recreation for the residents and tourists. Restored Wan Nien River creates friendly, healthy, and slow-paced environment in the city of Pingtung.

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