The Emergency Project of Seawater Desalination Plant, Hsinchu, Taiwan

◎ Models Installed:AF Series - Submersible Sewage / Wastewater Pumps

                                    L series Large volume Submersible Pump

                                    IC series submersible dewatering pumps

◎ Description:

The Greater Hsinchu Area is the most important base for Taiwan Semiconductor industry. To against the drought and alleviate the water demand for livelihood and industry in Hsinchu Science Park, the Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, has established the emergency desalination plant in Nanliao, Hsinchu County to solve the problem. It’s expected to be completed by the end of February 2021, and 13,000 tons of fresh water will be provided daily in the greater Hsinchu area. The application of seawater desalination will be the great advancement for stable water supply in Taiwan.
100(150)AFE422, AF-1650, AF-1060, L-300B, IC-610 of HCP PUMP is applied for this project. This desalination plant in Taiwan is the case which served by HCP PUMP after Kinmen and Penghu county.

Hsinchu Mayor Lin Chih-Chien, along with President Tsai Ing-Wen visited the Hsinchu seawater desalination plant,
and appreciated all project members for holding fast to their working positions during the Lunar New Year holiday

Photo Credit : Hsinchu City Government

Photo Credit : The official website of Water Resources Agency

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