Sewage wastewater aeration treatment in pig raring industry in Ping-tung

◎ Models installed : J series Submersible Ejector Pumps
◎ Description :

High amount of sewage wastewater will be yielded everyday in pig raring industry, because the swine wastewater contains high concentration organic matter and nitrogen, phosphorus and other ingredients. If not properly treated and released directly, it will cause river water pollution, producing a variety of stench air and derivative odor problems.

Generally speaking, swine excrement treatment can be divided into "mixed waste treatment" and "waste separation". It is also involved with three procedures: "solid-liquid separation," "anaerobic treatment", and " aerobic treatment "." Aerobic treatment " is an oxygen treatment which injecting a lot of air into the pig manure wastewater. When there is sufficient dissolved oxygen, aerobic bacteria will be produced in a large amount. Organic matter will be decomposed by microbe because microorganisms can be decomposed efficiently under aerobic and high oxygen circumstance. Oxygen treatment involves paddlewheel oxygen, aerator oxygen , rotating biological, and etc.

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