Sea Water Drainage/Supply System in Shrimp Farm in Indonesia

◎ Models Installed:L series Large volume Submersible Pump

◎ Description:

Based on the data supplied by the Fishery Bureau of Indonesia, the country has the potential to develop up to 120 million hectares of shrimp farms and the up-and-running shrimp farms sprawl 773,000 hectares. Due to the short supply of the cultured shrimps worldwide, Indonesia is expected to become the largest production base and export country of the shrimps.
This case is derived from some shrimp farm in Indonesia, where the farmer selected HCP L-200A axial pumps and fixed it in the center of the shrimp pond for dewatering. During harvest, he will also use L-63A axial pump to drain the water level to even lower. In the central canal lies an L-250A axial pump to move the sea water to the sediment pool for sterilization by exposure to the sun, and then circulate the purified sea water to surrounding shrimp ponds.

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