Recycling Plant Sewage Treatment Equipment Replacement Project in Japan

Models InstalledSF Series Submersible Stainless Steel Pumps


The pump is used in a recycle industry in Aichi, Japan. The customer has installed another brand cast iron pump in sewage treatment equipment. The pump was easily to get blocked and corroded due to the waste water is corrosive, and the foreign matter in the water was large, therefore the customer have to change pumps frequently.

The customer was recommended that the old pump to be replaced by HCP stainless steel pumps with non-clogging impeller. The series of stainless steel pump can withstand liquid with the pH value of 4~10 and the non-clogging impeller type allow for a bigger size foreign matter to pass through. The lifespan of the new pump will be significantly higher compared to the previous cast iron pump as with non-clogging and anti-corrosion characteristics.


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