Pump Donation to Pingtung Branch, Genesis Social Welfare Foundation (GSWF), Taiwan

◎ Models Installed::F/FN Series - Submersible Sewage / Effluent Pumps

◎ Description:

Mr. Tsao Ching, the founder of the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation (G.S.W.F), learnt that the welfare of patients in a perseverance vegetative state (PVS) was insufficient in Taiwan in 1980s. Therefore, in 1986, Mr. Tsao established a private organization, GSWF, which aim to look after the underprivileged PVS patients. Later in 1994, GSWF was adopted by Taiwan Government and become a national foundation.

HCP donated several units of F/FN Submersible Sewage Effluent Pumps and provided installation service for free.in GSWF building construction project in its Pingtung Branch. The pumps were installed in sewage tank for wastewater transportation.

The F/FN pump is equipped with high efficient dry induction motor, double set silicon car-bide mechanical seal and non-clogging impeller for handling wastewater which contain solid or fiber. The model is used in general drainage, Household usage, rainwater harvest-ing, rain drainage and so on.


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