Printing House Reservoir Project, Belgium

◎ Models Installed:L series Large volume Submersible Pump

◎ Description:

Kortrijk, Belgium is home for a printing house with over 130 years of history. Through over a century of operations, the company currently employs 135 professionals. Company’s operations include printing of items such as documents (together with security printing), tickets and calendars. Besides that, the operations also include publishing. The company puts a lot of effort in protecting the environment, therefore it offers FSC (FSC-C010426) certified printing. This certificate ensures sustainable forest management and is a way of paying respects to the nature.
To demonstrate reservoir to the nature, the printing house decided on reconstructing the area in front of its building by creating the reservoir. Naturally, the reservoir besides aesthetic attributes should be also environmentally friendly. Because of that, the source of the reservoir water comes from the local rainwater tank. This reservoir creates new brand image, gives great impression on visiting customers, and serves as an excellent place for employees to relax.
For this project, the company used four HCP L-series submersible large volume pumps (model L-250A). Each of these pumps offer maximum water flow of 7.5m3 per minute, and up to 6m head. HCP L-series is equipped with axial impeller that allows to efficiently drain large volumes of water. This job report is a great example for how L-series can be used for landscaping.

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