Pingtung Honor National House Sanitary Equipment Refurbishment Case

◎ Models Installed:AF Series - Submersible Sewage / Wastewater Pumps

◎ Description:

Pingtung Honor National House was established in 1953, which received the first batch of retired soldiers, when the park was located in Pingtung urban area, then moved to Ping-tung County in 1979, the total area of the park is 18.88 hectares, it was a quiet environ-ment, and established the Veterans General Hospital, the Hospital is not only responsible for the health care but also to provide general public health services. In May each year during the blooming period of the camp, the park on both sides of the trail was full of gold-en inflorescence floating in the wind, petals fall like a golden rain it was very beautiful; in order to allow more people to enjoy this beauty, it allowed to let visitors enter the park.

As the Pingtung Veterans House has been established for many years, after the building seismic assessment, must be done to strengthen the earthquake and health equipment refurbishment, and in the part of the renovation of health equipment, then use HCP AF sewage pump to deal with domestic sewage wastewater for the park. The AF series has a variety of non-blocking impeller pump design, can be widely used in different sewage environment.

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