Ocean Pool Reconstruction Project in Bellambi, Australia

◎ Models Installed:L series Large volume Submersible Pump

◎ Description:

Ocean pools are an important feature of the Australian coastline particularly in New South Wales. Ocean pools are located on a rocky surf coast, so that waves and tide can wash into the pool. This reconstruction job site is located in Bellambi, Wollongong in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia.
Because of damage to the old pool, the government is currently renovating the pool. Work time on the pool is limited due to the high tides filling up the pool. To maximise the time available to work on the pool, the construction company decided to use pumps to empty the pool as quickly as possible, rather than just relying on the water draining out as the tide goes out.
The construction company contacted General Pump Company for a proposal. They required 1,000,000 litres to be pumped out as quickly as possible. They selected 2 sets HCP L-300A pumps. Longer power cables were required to reach the power supply. These pumps have been very successful. The 2 pumps empty the pool in approx. 50 minutes. The construction company has used the pumps on 2 pool renovation projects and they are expecting to use them on another pool renovation project in 2020!

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