Longtian Distillery - Submersible Pump Replacement Project


◎ Description:

Longtian Distillery is a 70-years-old factory with long history. It is located on Guantian District of Tainan City. It used to be a factory producing chemistry raw materials and was destroyed during World War Two. Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation (TTLC) cleaned up the remains of original factory and built a brand new Koji production shop on it in 1945. Later in 1970, this Koji production shop was upgraded to an alcohol manufacturing factory, the Longtian Distill-ery, by TTLC. Recently, Longtian Distillery launched its show room / gift shop and is opened to general publics for visiting and shopping.
The original installed submersible pumps have served the factory for years. These submersi-ble pumps are due to be replaced with lager pumps as the production of factory increases and as well as the waste water. HCP SF Stainless Steel Submersible Pump (Sewage / Wastewater) were chose for this replacement project because of its stainless steel pump body which is made from investment casting and suitable to handle waste water of weak acids and weak bases.

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