Long distance water supply project. Chachoengsao, Thailand.

◎ Models Installed:HD Series - Submersible Dewatering Pumps (Dry-pit Installation)

◎ Description:

Chachoengsao in Thailand is famous for its rich cultivated fields. The area characterizes itself by long structural plains, crisscrossed by many creeks and canals that flow into the Bang Pa Kong river. This location is perfect place for aqua and agriculture.
In this case, Sali Shrimp Farm needed a pump that can transport water from the long distance into the farm. It has to be easily installed and disassembled since the farm consists of five shrimp ponds.
To pump the water from a 4 meter depth pond and it is delivered by 6-inch pipe to shrimp farms located 150 meters away. 150HD215 with dry-pit installation was recommended as the most suitable choice.
The customer is satisfied with the excellent performance of 150HD215, to meet the requirements of this application. At the same time, the pump is easy to install and portable.

150HD215 - submersible dewatering pump has won 29th Taiwan Excellence Award!


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