Lobster Culture in Taiwan – Venturi System for Oxygen Supply

◎ Models Installed:J Series - Submersible Ejector Pumps

◎ Description:

Lobster is the jewel in the crown in seafood as well as one of the gourmandsfavorite. In Taiwan, lobster breeding ponds mushroom like bamboo shoots but the industry can still hardly keep up with the growing demand for the delicacy. Lobster, subject to its species, can be cultured in sea water or fresh water. But the key factor that attributes to the success of lobster breeding is the supply of oxygen. If the oxygen supply is insufficient, the development of lobsters will be affected adversely. The depletion of the oxygen will even lead to the premature death of the creature. Therefore, a reliable dissolved oxygen booster is needed at all time to ensure the abundant oxygen supply in the pond. In this case, HCP' s JP Series Submersible Ejector Pump was chosen to carry out the task. The increased dissolved oxygen level can also facilitate the circulation of the probiotics in the pond and ensure the sustainability of sound breeding environment for lobsters.

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