Landscape Construction of Rossini Horologe Museum in Zhuhai, Guangdong.

Models InstalledA/AN Series Submersible Wastewater / Sump PumpsAL Series Submersible Wastewater / Effluent Pumps


Rossini horologe museum is the core of Rossini industry park where located in Zhuhai Guangdong, China. The exterior area of Rossini horologe museum is covered with European architectural style and the landscape is designed with concept of “Horologe Parterre” in tourism park of Geneva, Switzerland. It combines European style architecture with    fountain, garden, pond and bridge via the mainstream of horologe culture and historic time.  The museum have been awarded as AAAA National Level of Tourist Attraction.

To build AAAA National Level of Tourist Attraction, energy saving, durable operating, and  quiet HCP pumps were chosen in the project which is applied to the artifical fountain    located at the entrance and landscape in Rossini industry park.


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