Kaohsiung Zuoying Taiwan High Speed Rail Wastewater Treatment Plant


◎ Description:

Taiwan High Speed Rail is along the west coast of Taiwan and become the one of im-portant transportation in Taiwan. Kaohsiung HSR Zuoying station is 2nd completed and operational for connecting southern Taiwan since 2006. This HSR station is co-constructed with Taiwan Railway and Kaohsiung MRT to offer greatest convenience for residents and visitors.

Kaohsiung Zuoying HSR , Wastewater treatment plant generated amount of Waste Water from train and mechanical equipment maintenance. The original Waste water pumping system does not capable to transfer Waste Water sufficiently.

After on-site evaluation by professional HCP team, with new selected pump model 80(100)AFP27.5 for new waste water collecting sump. The new pumping system can han-dle much higher capacities and resolved insufficient waste pumping issues.

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