KaoHsiung MRT Central Park Station

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In 2012, KaoHsiung Central Park Station respectively the 4th among the top 15 most beautiful subway stops in the world by BootsnAll. PolicyMic's news on article 「8 legant Global Subway Stations New Yorkers Could Only Dream Of」, Kaohsiung MRT Central Park Station been named 5th of the most beautiful in the world. Central Park Station is a giant indoor park designed by British architect Richard Rogers and boasts windmill-shaped flowers and a large grass-like area. It provides a green oasis in populated city and is among the most original subway stations in the world. HCP Pumps has been selected for landscape and wastewater pumping on this remarkable MRT design.

KaoHsiung MRT Central Park Station

KaoHsiung MRT Central Park Station KaoHsiung MRT Central Park Station

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