JP Ejector Pump in Vietnam VBL (Heineken / Tiger Beer) Factory

◎ Models Installed:J Series - Submersible Ejector Pumps

◎ Description:

Heineken Beer and Tiger Beer are the most popular beer brands in Vietnam. The annual combined consumption of Heineken beer and Tiger beer are 1,800 million liters in Vietnam. According to data of World Health organization (WHO), Vietnam take the third place in terms of annual beer consumption among Asia countries. The first place goes for China and second for Japan.
However, the production of beer needs lots amount of steam and hot water; and consequently, lots of waste water are produced. Therefore, the wastewater treatment plan of factory have to be capable to handle large amount of waste water and to treat the waste water efficiently.
HCP JP Submersible Ejector Pump are selected and installed in the beer factory of Heineken / Tiger Beer in Vietnam. The JP series is equipped with high efficient impeller and special designed mix chamber which can provide more volume of air and fine bubble and increase the oxygen dissolved in waste water.

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