JNP Submersible Ejector Pump in Malaysia Shrimp Farms

◎ Models Installed:J Series - Submersible Ejector Pumps

◎ Description:

According to statistics data released from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), shrimp products exported from China, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, totally counted for 70% of worldwide shrimp export. The annual shrimp exports in Malaysia is 4.59 million USD dollar which contributes more than half of the figure of national export of Malaysia.
The dissolved oxygen in water is critical to shrimp farming. The paddlewheel aerator is often used for increasing dissolved oxygen level. Paddlewheel aerator is good at producing water current on water surface. By contrast, the Submersible Ejector, which is located on the bottom
of pond, is used to provide extra water current on the bottom of pond. In this reported case, several units of HCP Submersible Ejector Pump, 32JNP22.2 and 50JNP23.7 were installed and as well as paddlewheel aerators. By working together, the pond water is circulated completely and efficiently. The JNP series is equipped with special designed mix chamber which can bring large volume of air, produce strong water current, fine air bubble and eventually increase the oxygen dissolved in shrimp pond.

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