High Efficiency Paddlewheel Aerator Installation– Hua‐yang Aquaculture

◎ Models Installed:P Series - Paddlewheel Aerator

◎ Description:

Sliver perch is an important fish of aquaculture farming in Taiwan and South-east Asia with good taste and a popular aquatic product among consumers. During summer in Taiwan, high temperature and humidity of atmosphere results in visits of monsoon and frequent tropical depressions. Heat and moisture cause low dissolved oxygen in water. And lot amount of dissolved oxygen in water will return to air because of the heat and moisture of atmosphere. It is critical to supply fresh water and keep paddlewheel aerator running continuingly in such weather condition during entire growing period. 

Take paddlewheel aerator installation on Hua-yang Aquaculture Farming as an example. Hua-yang purchased four units of HCP Paddlewheel. And the four units of paddlewheel aerators can save power bill up to NTD 2100 per month, giving 19 hours operation per day.The saving is equal to 33% of Energy saving by using HCP Paddlewheel Aerator.

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