HCP expanding construction flood exclusion project

◎ Models Installed:GDR Series-submersible Residue Water Pumps

◎ Description:

HCP Pump Manufacture Co., Ltd was established Headquarter in PINGTUNG Export Processing Zone in 2009 and being “Professional, Innovation, Service, Responsibility” as HCP business philosophy to expand the global market.
In order to increase the capacity of production, HCP start the factory expansion construc-tion project since July 2017 and its during the construction period coincides the heavy rain season. When the heavy rain struck, there has no external walls to cover the struc-ture and caused a large amount of rainwater pure into the indoor and accumulated the rainwater till about 15cm height. HCP installed GDR pump to drain residue water imme-diately and prevented damage happened.
GDR series has the best low-suction design in the field. It can operate from water level 5mm and continually operation for residual removal as low as 1mm. GDR is a lightweight and portable pump that is easy to carry around that can be resolve various surface water stagnation conditions more efficiency and faster.

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