Harbor Construction Project, Dongshih Township, Chiayi County

◎ Models Installed::IC series submersible dewatering pumps

                                     L series Large volume Submersible Pump

◎ Description:

Dongshih Township is famous for its oyster farming along its seashore of 14 kilometers. Theamount of oyster produced in Dongshih Township is more than 1/3 times of the total oysterproduced nationwide.

The “Dongshih Seashore Park” which is located on Dongshih Harbor is launched dated on 20th September 2007, and it was reconstructed in 2014. HCP models, IC Submersible Dewatering Pump and L Large Volume Submersible Pump were installed in the park for various functions. The “Dongshih Seashore Park” became a popular tourist destination for its seashore, amusement facilities, sunset, harbor, wetlands wildlife…etc.

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