Groundwater control of a shopping mall

◎ Models Installed::IC series submersible dewatering pumps

◎ Description:

The project is a third branch of a renowned shopping mall in downtown area of a southern metropolitan. The shopping mall is scheduled to open in Q4 of 2012; it occupies 50,000 square meters of land, the finished floor area for business will be around 20,000 square meters in a 5-story building. It is expected to create more than 1,000 employment opportunities for the locality, which could substantially boom up the entire commercial district. The foundation excavation is below the groundwater level. In order to stabilize the excavation face as well as to keep the surface dry for carrying out construction works, the groundwater level has to be drawn down to below the excavation face. The project involves installation of several rows of small diameter point-wells, with vertical piping and collector headers provided on top of all the point-wells; IC type pumps are used for pumping out the groundwater, so as to lower the groundwater level. The duration of groundwater control in the foundation excavation is a key factor that affects the subsequent progress of the construction. HCP' s IC Type Amphibious Pump Series complies with the 24-hour operation requirement. The chromium steel impeller is suitable for the sandy water environment for a largely prolonged service span, effectively saving subsequent maintenance costs of the pump. The IC Series pumps are driven by fully water-cooled motors which allow long-duration operation. The motors have a high efficiency for power saving. The pump assembly has a protection class of IP68 against water ingression. The state-of-the-art impeller design of the IC Series provides high-head and high flow rate performance as well as an excellent suction capability, which is suitable for well-pipe applications. This pump can also be used for both suction and pushing of water. By removing the filter screen, the pump can be used as a land pump by connecting it to a groundwater tank.



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