Germany Construction Dewatering

◎ Installation Model:HD Series - Submersible Dewatering Pumps

◎ Description:

The purpose of Construction Dewatering is to move ground water or underground water for disposal; and therefore, the construction can bedone in dry condition. A dry construction site is mostly preferable to construction workings and also to a safe workplace.

Rainfall, snow and flooding water tend to be accumulated in sumps, trenches and ponds everywhere in construction site. These are sorts of ground water which have to be removed before construction job. In this circumstance, a submersible dewatering pump with good portability will be critical since the pumps have to be carried to water sumps possibly anywhere in the construction site.

Underground water can also be a problem as it can seep through soil during excavation or permeate through rock wall during excavation. This problem can be solved by lowering the water table before excavation. In this case, submersible dewatering pump can be installed in a construction site dewatering well which serve to lower the water table and underground water level.

HCP HD Submersible Dewatering Pump are equipped with High Chrome Alloy Steel (HiCrFC) impeller, wear ring and wear plate. The hardness of High Chrome Alloy Steel can reach 55 – 60 Rockwell scale which provides extreme abrasion resistant ability to handle the hard particles suspended in water of construction site. The light weight and small pump body make this pump possibly to be carried to any corners of construction sites for dewatering. The slim design of pump body also allows the pumps to be installed in drainage pipes or pits of construction site.

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