Flat Roof Dewatering

◎ Models Installed:GDR Series-submersible Residue Water Pumps

◎ Description:

The flat roof may hold ponding or puddle water after raining because of inadequate roof drainage or deflection in the roof structure. Residue water is hardly removed because of its extremely low water level in the surface of flat roof deck. HCP GDR-400 Submersible Residual Pump can remove residue water of flat surface and pumping down to lowest water lever about 1 mm, and it is equipped with an exchangeable 50 mm discharge which is available in vertical and horizontal. Furthermore, this model is equipped with double mechanical seal (silicon carbide) which is capable of high wear resistance. The impeller and the hydraulic components are made of a special rubber which is durable and capable of handling construction site dewatering.

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