Apply Water Sprinkler Kits in Aquaculture Industry, Tainan City, Taiwan.


◎ Description:

According to the needs from aquaculture users, the better the water quality is, the higher chance of harvesting is. Thus, the NZ3”sprinkler kits is developed for aquaculture users to improve the water quality.
The sprinkler kits that is equipped with high quality float makes the pump be able to float on the water surface, and the pump can spray water around 2.7m high and 11m wide. The water jet is propelled from nozzle with high velocity, droplets with maximum air contact fall back into a large surface. This continuous diffusion of oxygen in the water will increase the oxygenation rate and reduce accumulation of undesirable substances in the bottom the pond.
It can further extract the pool bottom with the piping fittings as well. The fish and shrimp feces at the pool bottom can be sprayed out and exposed under the sun, to make pool circulation, temperature regulation, and sterilization.

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