HCP PUMP MANUFACTURER held the 40th and second factory completion ceremony successfully.

【HCP PUMP MANUFACTURER held the 40th and second factory completion ceremony successfully.】


HCP PUMP MANUFACTURER CO., LTD. 40th anniversary and second factory completion ceremony were held successfully on 2nd Nov 2019. 

It's our honor to invite Minister Shen of Ministry of Economic Affair to join our luncheon, also we appreciate Magistrate Pan of Pingtung County, 

Director Huang of Export Processing Zone Administration, Deputy Director Wang of Export Processing Zone Administration of Pingtung Branch 

and Executive Secretary Lee of Pingtung County Investment Promotion Committee to join our ribbon cutting ceremony that brought us best wishes 

and encouragement.




The ceremony was extremely wonderful which performed by Jin Taiko, Mountain kids, AOR Vocal Band, and Chun Ri Sun Ancient Ballads Troupe

of Pingtung Chun Ri Elementary school. Meanwhile, the staff of HCP PUMP also shows enthusiasm, teamwork spirit, and inspiring atmosphere of 

the dance performance “Transform” and the musical drama “HCP Raider” after long-term organized. The unforgettable memories will remain

for our guests and our staff.



HCP PUMP has 40 marvelous years since the small shop in 1979 until the smart factory in Export Processing Zone Administration of Pingtung 

nowadays. Our sales more than 60 countries and products used all over the water application that served people everywhere silently. HCP 

hopes to provide excellent service and products via a more efficiency team, continuous investment in R&D of new products, the fine production 

process in the near future. HCP will step to the next decade with you.

「make future flow」




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