[Current Affairs] How to avoid the electrical leakage of submersible pump?

The ’Electrical Leakage’ of submersible pump is a serious safety accident that may cause personal injury or death. The ‘electrical leakage’ cannot be detected through our senses. Therefore, it is crucial for us to understand how to identify ‘electricity’ to avoid and prevent leakage accidents.
Proper handling of the submersible pump and avoiding hazardous behaviors are the key to electrical shock prevention. The general preventive measures include the following methods :

1. Make sure to check the nameplate before operating the pump (pic.1). It is important to confirm basic specifications of the pump, such as voltage, to avoid connecting to incorrect source of the energy that may lead to overload. The voltage tolerance limit shall be within 10%.

2. External environment conditions may lead to the damage of the cable, eventually causing loss of cable’s insulation. The cable must always be well wrapped (pic.2). To prevent damage of the cable, always comply with three key principles (wrap cable properly, often inspect the cable for any damage, do not use the cable with visible wires). In case of the cable’s damage, it is suggested to make a replacement. (pic.3)


3. Make sure the pump is not connected to the power supply before conducting any inspection. Maintenance of the pump should be conducted by qualified technician. All process shall be followed with local regulations and standards. Failing to do so may lead to electrical leakage and accidents. (pic.4)

4. Safety Measures : Always use certified control panels. Make sure to install earth leakage circuit breaker as well as the overload protector (pic.5). Firmly connect the wires with the ground wire [green - yellow] to prevent electrical leakage.


Case Study :

Submersible pump installed in the pond stopped operating because of the clogging with foreign matter. To restore its operation by taking out the foreign matter, technician walked into the pond. Few minutes later the technician was founded in the pond without vital signs.

Case Analysis :

1. Technician touched the pump in which occurred electricity leaking, causing electrical shock and respiratory failure.

2. Pump’s motor was tested. Results indicated insulation degradation.

3. The submersible pump and its circuit were not installed properly. There was lack of earth leakage circuit breaker as well as overload protector.

4. Technician did not follow electrical wiring regulations and did not inspect the pump regularly.

5. Technician lacked workplace safety knowledge.

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