HCP PUMP Invites You to Join the Quest of Saving and Protecting Water!

March 22 is World Water Day. This day is set by the United Nations to make global water crises like freshwater shortage known and to tackle those problems. From developed to underdeveloped countries, water is an element deeply rooted in our day-to-day lives. Solving the water crisis becomes more and more urgent every year. As in Taiwan, water has become a hot topic in 2021. The reasons include:

1. A repeatedly recorded high average temperature:The average annual temperature in Taiwan in 2020 reached 24.62 degrees.

2. A reduction in annual rainfall:The precipitation in 2020 had reduced by 20% and more than in previous years, adding that it was the first time no typhoon invaded the island in 56 years.

3. The natural terrain cannot keep water resourcesSteep mountains, short river slopes, and large seasonal high flows make the rainwater flow into the sea quickly and thus limiting the amount of rainwater retained.

4. Depletion of the reservoir storage capacity:Taiwan has 95 reservoirs, but some have serious siltation problems. The speed of siltation is faster than dredging, reducing the amount of water the reservoirs can hold.

5. Increased cost of water purification due to global warming:Large-scale natural disasters, heavy rain run-off, and poor soil conservation cause a sediment and turbidity level that the water purification plant cannot process, reducing water supply and even service suspension. Another factor is the large number of untreated chemicals discharged into the river. Nitrogen and phosphate compounds from fertilizers and detergents cause water coloration and damaged water quality in addition to eutrophication and aqua ecological system destruction.

6. Low water price with a high water leakage rate:Taiwan's water price is lower than most countries in the world, but its pipelines have a high leakage rate. For example, the amount of water leaked in 2018 is roughly 480 million tons, which is close to the storage capacity of the Zengwen Reservoir in Taiwan (about 510 million tons).

7. Water consumption increases year after year:In 2018, daily water consumption per capita in Taiwan reached 280 liters. The daily water consumption is relatively high because of its low water price, leading to using water irresponsibly.

8. Low wastewater treatment brings water pollution to rivers and creeks:Taiwan has treated 61% of its wastewater but was still lower than its neighboring countries such as Hong Kong (93%), Singapore (99%), Malaysia (82%), Korea (92%), and Japan (78%) by October 2019. The households, farms, and factories can still discharge wastewater into rivers without any treatment.

9. Low wastewater recycle rate:Factories in Taiwan use more than 500,000 m3 of recycled wastewater every day, only 10% of the industrial water used. Factories were not interested in wastewater recycling because of the low water prices (about NTD 10 per cubic meter) and the high cost of wastewater treatment (about NTD 25 per cubic meter). Many factories in Taiwan are now implementing wastewater recycling facilities to use water more efficiently. The Water Resources Agency is also planning to build seven industrial wastewater recycling plants. The Fengshan plant started operating in 2018 and now provides 45,000 m3 of recycled water per day to the Linhai Industrial Park in Kaohsiung. The remaining plants are to be completed by 2022. The expected amount these industrial wastewater recycling plants provide by 2023 is 300,000 m3 of water per day.

HCP PUMP - Leader of Water Management

In Taiwan, HCP PUMP operates in every aquatic environment. HCP PUMP plays a role in water transportation. HCP pumps are used in water recycling plants, wastewater treatment plants, seawater desalination plants, water reclamation plants, construction site wastewater recycling systems, river restoration projects, groundwater management, rainwater harvesting systems, and more. Water is essential to our lives and crucial to the economies of every country. Using water sustainably and responsibly is a priority for all. HCP PUMP is always committed to developing better pump techniques for more sustainable water usage.

On World Water Day, Join HCP PUMP on the Quest for Saving and Protecting Water

 HCP PUMP Invites You to Join the Quest of Saving and Protecting Water

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