Flood Control Project in Wanli, Tainan, Taiwan

◎ Models Installed:AF Series - Submersible Sewage / Wastewater Pumps

◎ Description:

Wanli, the south area of Tainan City, which used to be a lagoon hundreds of years ago. However, Wanli is now covered with dry land and inhabited by people nowadays.
Wanli is located on low-lying land and the rain water cannot be discharged by gravity flow into sewer system. Therefore, Wanli is often covered with flood water during the raining season. And the residents suffer from flood during occasion of heavy rain. HCP AF Sewage / Wastewater Submersible Pumps were selected and installed for this flood control project. The impeller of AF Pumps come with non-clogging design, which is able to handle water which content solid substance or fiber wastes. This new flood control project is expected to reduce the possibility of flooding and suffering from flooding in Wanli area.

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